The weight prediction dataset

This is description of our weight prediction dataset which was used to train and test the object weight prediction neural network in our paper Learning the signatures of the human grasp using a scalable tactile glove.

The dataset is provided for non-commercial use only. Contact us with inquiries about commercial use. Read the licence for more details.

Dataset content

The zip file of the dataset contains following structure:

|- metadata.mat						
|- [batch]
|     |- [recording]
|          |- [000000...N].jpg
|          |- viz
|          |    |- [000000...N].jpg
|          |- pressuredata.mat


Metadata structure

The metadata.mat contains all the pressure values for all recordings as well as all the flags generated in the preprocessing step to filter valid frames. More details in the Methods section of our paper. The file is a matlab MAT-file. Note, that it follows C (zero-based) indexing (unlike Matlab). This means that in Matlab you have to access dictionaries with 1 additon, e.g. batches{batchId(55) + 1}.

The file contains:

This information is also useful to associate the video image with respective pressure frame. To read an image associated with frames stored on index 123 in Matlab do:

im = imread(fullfile(batches{batchId(123) + 1}, recordings{recordingId(123) + 1}, sprintf('%06d.jpg', frame(123))));
fprintf('Showing object "%s".\n', objects{objectId(123) + 1});

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